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My conscience is unsettled as I lay awake through the night. My worries torment me as they eagerly wreak havoc with the fragile parts of my mind. Once a thriving flower, I'm slowly wilting, left helplessly, clinging to the end of my vine.

The eagerness to let go of the mistakes I've made in life, begs my soul to take notice and rescue me from the emptiness I feel inside.

I quiver, as waves of disappointment render me helpless and exhausted. The resentment and heartbreak relentlessly remind me what I've lost and what it's cost me. These feelings are brutal, they're torturous and my mind cannot stop. It's perpetual madness in a grinding, constant state of chaos.

My armor, or what's left of it, is battered and torn. Life has taken it's toll on me, made me an enemy, robbed me and left me at the edge of insanity.

There's a fine line between sanity and fighting to remain sane. It's a miracle that I survived from all the never ending battles, on such rough terrain.

I've become a prisoner, shackled and left cowering, with no escape path in sight. But, I come fully armed with all the scars turned to ammo, to prove I can still fight.

I made a vow to myself to take down my arch enemy and if I'm the last one standing, in the end, I'll know it was my destiny.

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