Jagged Pieces Of Glass

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My comatose eyes were once blinded by lies. With words left unspoken,
disguised and denied.
My tongue spits the truth.
But still, my mind knows its taste.
They linger around angrily, taking up space.

It's strategically unpleasing, my heart's forever teasing me,
"Watch me burst into flames,"
from the moment your memory haunts me and my lips speak your name.

Now bitter enemies, cruel motives are disguised with a smile. The atrocities are unrivaled by sadistic games of betrayal. It's an ingenious maneuver proving to be an Oscar worthy portrayal.

My conscience lays unburdened.
My regrets are transformed.
Solace brought an unwavering peace in me, changed me and taught me to weather the storm.

Jaded memories are much like jagged pieces of glass. You can swallow them whole eagerly,
let them shred you and bleed
or let your mind devour them casually
And let your soul breathe in peace.

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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