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Each day find the will
to pull yourself out of bed
Focus your energy on achieving
Leaving only positivity breathing
Smother all those demons
that steal confidence from your soul
and kill what you've been dreaming

Tune out negativity
and let only positive voices lead you
Take that desire
deep inside your heart
And just believe in it
It will breathe life into you
and give you all the courage
you need to defeat it easily

The path you walk
will be filled with bitter enemies
They will take many forms
And try to weigh you down
to break you
Stay focused
And don't get discouraged
when you make a few mistakes
Don't let anything
or anyone stand in your way

If you let them
they'll happily destroy you
Miserable people love company
And their jealousy and hate
begs them to stop you
before you leave them behind
and go on to achieve something great

This is your dream
so keep working hard
Until you're so close
You can taste it
Let sheer will, determination
focus flow through your veins
Then you'll know
Your heart's in the right place
And you can do anything

Give it everything you've got
and keep chasing it
Don't give up
even when doors
get slammed in your face
Keep your chin up
and don't you dare
lose your hope
or your faith

If you want this real bad
no one can stop you
But you
No excuses
Stay out of your own damn way

It's your dream
Your goal
Your destiny
Embrace it
Nobody said it was going to be easy
so face it
Don't give up
Keep chasing it

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