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I bought these problems
they're not yours, they're mine.
I've made lots of mistakes
in this game we call life.

I've invested in them
with my tears, blood and sweat.
I wouldn't erase them,
I embrace them.
They haven't broken me yet.

So why sit and worry
and live in the past,
when life is happening,
defining us,
there's no time for regrets.

When we're down on our luck
and nothing seems to be right,
it's building our character -
making us stronger,
begging us to appreciate life.

So you can mope around, whining,
that you've got it so tough,
continue to live life with your eyes tightly shut,
or you can ignite your mind's engine with your own powerful switch, rise up to your feet and yell, "Hey life, you hit like bitch!"

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2021

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