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This is he how you get back
at your enemies
Ignore 'em
And keep moving forward
Throw your head back
And drink the damn potion
But be warned,
When you weren't watchin'
they spiked that shit, so craftfully

Now let 'em watch
With bated breath
Take a big sip
Spit it out, unharmed
and laugh casually

It's a sad day when you find out
Time isn't your only enemy
You finally wake up
And don't roll with the punches
Life's too short
You duck the sucker punches
and finally face reality

I've got some news for you
Super heros aren't real
Nobody's coming to save you
It's time to
Stiffen that upper lip
Puff your chest out
Hold tight
To the memories of the ones that betrayed you
lined up full of pinless grenades
You put the cape on, enraged and finally, it's you yourself, that you fly off to save

One day you're gonna inspire someone
They're gonna see you as their own super hero
And after they hear the shit you've been through
your words will be recited right out of 'em like a Bible
It'll be their guide to survival
That's the way that you inspire

Live your life, smile at all your haters and once you've got your shit together hand the cape off so they can start their own revival

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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