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The Mafia (TodoBaku) by TheNobleWolf
The Mafia (TodoBaku)by TheNobleWolf
(Omega verse) Bakugo Katsuki. Age: unknown. Parents: unknown. Skills: assassin, the mafia boss, fighter, champion, drug dealer, protector, hacker, commanding, genius, t...
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Ambience (Poetry Book 2) by Naan2015
Ambience (Poetry Book 2)by Naan2015
Random thoughts from different moments on various things for infinite reasons. This is my second book of poetry with the first, "Poems of the Atmos". Unless me...
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Big Boys Don't Cry by admissable
Big Boys Don't Cryby ◉‿◉
Vincent St. James is in recovery. Or at least he's supposed to be. After three months in a mental institution, Vincent has come to one conclusion: therapy doesn't work...
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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Poems of the Atmos by Naan2015
Poems of the Atmosby Naan2015
Random thoughts from different moments on various things for infinite reasons. Best Rankings so far: - 22nd May, 2019: 1/8.62k stories in #philosophy - 22 May, 2019: 8/7...
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19 years later-Drarry by -_Dreamxer_-
19 years later-Drarryby -_Dreamxer_-
It's nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts and Draco is on the run from a mob of angry death eaters. What happens when Draco's former crush rescues him from a lif...
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God Damn It, Kyuubi! by NahTobirama
God Damn It, Kyuubi!by Dяαgøи
Team Seven becomes one, literally. Kakashi didn't sign up for this shit.
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Sonnets by _RubyRed_
Sonnetsby Ruby
An eulogy to mid-adolescence.
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aphotic by donut_
aphoticby Taylor Victoria
» she was the one thing that i loved as much as i despised. potential trigger warnings for a toxic relationship and alluded suicide
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the worlds of Naruto by BenedraGary
the worlds of Narutoby Benedra Gary
Konoha 12 and theirs along with Minato, Kushina, Tsunade, Jiraya, and Ikura are teleported to a room where they are watching the different worlds of Naruto. Note Minato...
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Personified songs of soul by arti_sahu
Personified songs of soulby arti_sahu
This book contains a collection of original poetry written by Arti Sahu. It portrays the emotions which you can relate to. It's a bowl full of feelings of different colo...
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Struggle by BanesMeow33
Struggleby EarthsOddities
She has been trapped in a cellar for three years, kidnapped by ruthless men. A verse novel about a teenage girl fighting to make it through and to remember the past and...
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Of Lyrics and Love | ✓ by aftertastefully
Of Lyrics and Love | ✓by mikayla
❝hello❞ ❝its me❞ ❝i was just actually saying hello. i didnt need you to break into a song❞ ❝but that's how it works, its how you get the girl❞ in which a boy charms a gi...
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To My Love: The Greek Muses by Naan2015
To My Love: The Greek Musesby Naan2015
The world is made up of many individuals; of many vocations, passions, character, viewpoints, culture, and race. However, the world's inhabitants can be simmered down to...
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A Fiercer Light by MajorSeventh
A Fiercer Lightby Peter Skeet
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-Aesthetic Words- by glitchgirl1010
-Aesthetic Words-by ✨🌙
- The tears wet my cheeks the thoughts hurt my head I'm ripped into shreds but like you said, it was almost as if I had the word 'damaged' written across my forehead...
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Incorrect Transformers Quotes by Speedy__Prime_
Incorrect Transformers Quotesby McMercy
Exactly what it says in the title! Of course, there will be a few real ones ;)
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Avengers and others watch Spiderman: Into Spiderverse. by Sakura-Okami
Avengers and others watch Sakura-Okami
Avengers, Guardians, Spiderman, Loki T'chala, Shuri and Strange watch Spiderverse. Nobody writed that so I decided that I have to.
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Quotes from Monsta X's songs Such a caption
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Peaches 'n Cream ⇝ m.joon by joomatic
Peaches 'n Cream ⇝ m.joonby J A E
"Say something that makes sense, my phone's at 30%" - "I think I found my alpha." started: 04/04/18 finished: -
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