enies lobby saga moments to be written!

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majority has chosen enies lobby for my next request! I'll do the whole saga but only the important requested moments!

- finding out merry can't sail anymore
- beating up franky family, destroying their house
- usopp vs luffy fight
- the betrayal and reveal of cp9
- robin leaving the strawhats
- some train moments (esp. zoro cutting the train, luffy and zoro creating a hole through aqua laguna)
- arrival at ennies lobby
- luffy gear 2
- the iconic "I WANT TO LIVE" scene
- luffy vs lucci whole fight
- merry saving them
- merry dying

that's probably it! some of the most unforgettable and requested moments during the enies lobby saga. while at it since this is gonna be really long, I would add a few fillers reacting to different fandom content.

anyways, that is all! hope you guys are looking forward to this next request! will be publishing the first chapter this month!

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