chapter 16 | arlong vs. luffy

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'Luffy...' The strawhat captain stirred in him by the sudden disturbance. The noise from everyone suddenly went silent and the voice was the only thing he could hear. Who is calling him? He tried to open his eyes but for some reason he couldn't wake up. He couldn't move his body.

'Luffy...' He gritted his teeth, struggling to open his eyes. 'WHO!?' As if someone is paralyzed him, he couldn't make any movements. This was unnoticed by everyone who was near him.


'HUH!?' He exclaimed.

'You...' The voice disappeared in his mind and Luffy passed out once again.

"The memory stopped." Usopp said.

"It does that when the person goes unconscious." Thatch explained.

"So how long are we going to wait for the memory to continue?" Sanji asked.

"Not long."

"GURARARA! I will take this short time to get more drinks." The giant emperor chuckled.

"OI! Stop drinking too much." Marco scolded. It has become a habit to him scolding his captain ever since he was hooked up with monitors. He tensed up when he realized he brought back his own habit.

Whitebeard just laughed once more. "Jokes on you all, I could consume as much alcohol as I can without getting sick." He got up from his seat and went to the giant fridge.

"Perks of being dead!" Roger laughed along with him. Their crews sweatdropped at that.

"I don't know if I should cry and laugh at that..."

When everyone noticed Luffy fell asleep, Ace initiated carrying him to a mattress and just let him get some rest. Everyone else took the time to get snacks or drinks or even get some rest. While some, like Luffy, already dozed off.

Tch. Tch.

The scenery changes somewhere outside of Arlong Park, where Genzo had Luffy's head laid on his lap. The straw hat captain regained his consciousness back and spurted an exceeding amount of water that filled his rubber body—and with that amount, it created a large fountain which was noticed by everyone.

"Ah! Luffy!" Chopper yelled in concern.

"That's a lot of water he swallowed. If he swallowed more, it could make his body pop like a balloon and his guts will spill everywhere." Robin just casually said. The crew used to her horrific blunt just sweatdropped whilst the others looked at her with their jaw-drops, horrified at what she had said.


"What the hell!?"

"That's Robin alright." Franky sighed.

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