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I'll be taking requests of different moments of Luffy that you wanted to read their reactions.

Also to clarify what I'll be writing or plans of my fanfic because I don't want this to be a jumbled mess or to stray away from the original plot I had made.

What moments I'll be writing?

✓ Canon from the ANIME AND MANGA and ONLY from Luffy's perspective. After all this is Luffy fanfic based.

Specials or Filler?

✓ Movies or special episodes of the anime.

✓ Compilation videos with Luffy. (Like I did on my 3K special.)

✓ Scenarios. (Examples, like Zoro and Luffy small talks, or headcanon moments around the crew and Luffy that you want to see.) Or even you know those fanarts with Luffy scenes. I can do or make scenarios like that as long as Luffy is involve and it is still like in the anime!

What requests I won't be taking?

× Out of Luffy's perspective moments. So, moments like he was passed out while the crew did something, I won't be writing that. (Yes, I'm pointing to Thriller Bark.) I won't be writing that, sorry.

I will be denying those moments, and I apologize in advance because I wanna stick to my plot in hand.


I am not guaranteed that I would be able to catch on all your requests but I'll try my best. Also since school and private life shenanigans, my updates might be slow. So, don't expect too high that I'll be doing all your requests too soon.

I'll be taking as many as requests from each user. Just comment here on this chapter or message me privately.

Please try not to comment much in different chapters, since I might not see your request!!

Have a good day or night! ~

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