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(ART: La Maison d'Ariel - Ayasofya Library of Astronomy)

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(ART: La Maison d'Ariel - Ayasofya Library of Astronomy)


"W-What the?" The green-haired man mumbled as he slowly sat up and rubbed his head to soothe his aching mind. He slowly opened his eyes to see it was the sight of darkness around an unknown room. He adjusts his vision and while at it while the rest of the crew besides him was groaning and moving, a sign of them waking up.

"W-What...happened?" The tangerine haired woman muttered as she rubs her eyes from her slumber. The skeleton besides her sat up stiffly, still in daze and confusion.

"Nami-san, Robin-chan – are you all okay?" The blonde gentleman asks whilst helping the black-haired woman up.

"Yeah, thank you Sanji." The black haired woman thanked him.

Following her was the fishman who was groaning, waking up also - the small reindeer, the sniper, and the cyborg finally sat up, weak still.

The adorable mammal shakes his head and looks around. He saw some blur figures around but can't quite make out from his dazed vision still.

However, one particular person hasn't woken up yet and continued to snore away, his hat covering his face. The rest of the crew were finally wide awake and assessed at the state right at them. They hear murmurs around them as they stand up and face the situation they are facing.

And it was the worst situation that they ever faced.

The crew was surrounded by not only the marines but also pirates, very dangerous yet familiar pirates. They were all alerted, looking one and another with various emotions. The sniper begins to sweat in fear as he looks at them all then he freaked out, making the crew fully awake now.

"A-A-A-AHHHHHHHHH!!" He screams in fear and shock. Because of the loud noise he made, they all turned around and saw them. Chopper and Brook assessed the situation also, looking around as they all felt fear for the people around.

"USOPP, YOU IDIOT!" Sanji cursed at him. Nami wept beside him, fearing for her life and her crews'.

"NOOOOOOOO! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!" Chopper screamed in fear.

"I DON'T WANNA DIE—Ah, even though I'm dead already...YOHOHOHO!" Brook joked after.

The rest of the crew prepared themselves defensively, with their teeth gritting. Zoro got his katanas out, Robin did her stance - ready to use her ability, Franky lifted his fists up, Jimbe got into his karate stance.




"THEY GOT A NEW MEMBER!?" They glanced over to the white-haired oni.

"THEY'RE ALSO HERE!" Different people glance over to the Straw Hats. The marines started to approach them closely.

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