chapter 10 | surprising appearances

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Everyone in the hall exclaimed loudly in disbelief, that their voices echoed through the entire building outside. The goddess covers her ears instinctively yet she is amused at the same time by the reactions of the dear souls after receiving the news of what is happening to their world.

Not only that, in some abodes of the gods where their alive loved ones are currently residing in, just waiting for the situation with the Phantoms to be over.

The goddess' abode is one of the few abodes that humans aren't allowed to enter, so she cannot give in to the evacuation situation. It is because if someone living would step in, it would devour their humane flesh when they have died and turn them into a soul, confirmed dead.

When people die, they would go through Iliythia's abode first, doing the Mind Cleansing for their memories to be forever lived on the minds of people who met them. Afterwards, they would go through the Goddess of Judgement abode, judgement would take place there. It's either they deserve to live or their souls to be crushed by Acheron himself.

Filthy souls do not deserve redemption.

If they passed the judgement, they would go through the process of the Goddess of Soul. She would cleanse their bodies when they have died and tell them everything about the place. When their souls are cleansed, it would revert themselves back to their younger selves or a healthy figure. Injuries, scars and signs of old age will fade.

That finishes much of the process and lets the souls live on to the paradise she made, reuniting with their loved ones who had died earlier than them. They would live in the abode until they had been given the chance to resurrect once again, with a new memory and body.

"Are you serious, Atma-san?" Their voices croaked in the crowd.

The said goddess herself smiled at the people. "Yes, some of your loved ones are currently residing in the other gods and goddesses' abodes. They allowed all the living souls to visit their abodes. It is an opportunity of a lifetime, isn't it?" She giggled. Then she glances over to the pompadour man who knew the situation first hand.

"That clarifies everything, Thatch?" The white-haired goddess asked him.

To which he responded by nodding. "Yes! Right now, I want to bring Pops with me. My brothers' wants to see him."

"Gurarara! I can't wait." The great legendary pirate himself, Whitebeard laughed. His appearance being in his prime age with his golden hair and the iconic beard. The other people who got to know that their family is also in Morpheus Abode smiles, eager to go there already.

Atma smiled. "That's all the news for the current situation, I shall ring the bell once again when it is time." They all nodded in acknowledgement

"I want to come to Thatch!"

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