35k+ special | strawhats' fashion show

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35K Special | Strawhat Fashion Show

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35K Special | Strawhat Fashion Show

Movie: One Piece - Episode of Luffy: Hand Island 

Requested Moment By:  @AustinePena 


Everyone was doing their own thing as they relaxed at the Goddess' abode while they wait for the problem that the gods are taking care of. Some laid down on their mattresses and some were on the couches, drinking and eating they can.

For once, they felt relaxed in this abode. They don't have to deal with the problems of their world right now and fight one another. Even some Marines were getting along with the Pirates in the room.

Tch. Tch.

Everyone's attention was perked once again, hearing the familiar sound as it indicates another memory will be shown. They all turn around at the scenery.

Loud music blared off from the decks of Thousand Sunny, where all the members of the Strawhat Crew had their own little show for fun.

"The strawhat's ship."

"Ah, its sounds like a party..."

"They're having a banquet?"

With the Strawhats, they loved this memory. "This time!" They all laugh nostalgically, remembering the silly and fun show they did for fun. It may have been a childish thing to do, but what's wrong enjoying childish things?

"Looks fun!"

From up the second-floor deck of the ship, Usopp the announcer bounces from the beat with his back turned from the people. A second later, he swiftly turned around and picks up his mic to announce. "Everyone! Are you ready!?"

Luffy and Chopper yelled out their excitement. "YEA!"

The sniper continues. "Now, let's get started..."

Everyone's eyebrows raised in question on what they were doing right now.

"...Presenting the Strawhat crew..." Usopp swings his arm around with such enthusiasm as he commences. "...FASHION SHOW!" Behind him, were Luffy and Chopper presenting a banner that states: 'Strawhat Fashion Show.'

"What?!" Their eyes widened in surprise. Pirates would do anything around the seas, creating havocs and stealing treasure. But one thing they'll never taught of the Strawhats; who waged war with the World Government and the former two emperors of the sea (Big Mom and Kaido); is hosting their own crew's fashion show for fun.

There's nothing wrong with it though. It was just unexpected from their reputation portraying them as ruthless pirates. The two emperors in the abode laughed amusingly. In the end, the crew were still young and wild.

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