enies lobby or davy back fight?

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How ya doing...

Okay, before you start beating me up for not updating for months, I'll be updating this fanfic this break.

I'm currently facing a problem right now, on what moment I should decide next. So, dear readers, I'll let you decide what request I should be writing next!! Of course, while at it, I'm going to make a filler chapter which is another react chapter. If you read my last announcement, I'll be making them all react to fandom content (pics or vids)

Anyway, I can't choose between these two options, of course, I'll eventually write it also but for now, the winner of it is what I will be writing next.

Davy Back Fight (some gists of the arc!)


Enies Lobby Arc (YES, everything in it!)

The one with the most comments is the winner and I will be writing that next!

For now, I'll be giving you guys some filler chapters/reacting to fandom moments until the majority have decided on which you want to read next. 

ALSO, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Have a good day/night! 

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