chapter 17 | to free her!

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Tch. Tch.

"Finally snapped." Roger stated.

"That's scary!" Rayleigh laughed amusingly.

Arlong screamed as he grabbed hold of Luffy's head. "YOU INFERIOR HUMAN!" He swung him around like a lasso.

Eyes followed at the spinning rubber man man, but regretting later one since it only made them dizzy.

"What did you do to me, a fishman!?" Then, slammed him into the building.

Under the rubble, Luffy got up. "Boy, was I stunned!" But quickly, Arlong jumped towards him and punched through the wall and Luffy stretched out of there. Arlong fumbled his hand a bit from the inside as if he knew where it was located before pulling out a weapon. They all saw what he was reaching out for.

Some were shocked at the large weapon. "W-WHAT THE?!"


"What the heck is that?" Luffy asked. It was a giant blade. It's design is a six saw toothed pattern black blades attached on to the black pole, with a katana's handle.

"SHARK SAW!" Nami screamed.

"IT'S A GIANT SAW!" The bounty hunter duo screamed horrified by it.

"No! No! He's gonna get sliced!"

"I don't wanna watch that!" A couple of cowards covered their eyes, afraid that they would watch something gory. Still, they were peeking over through their fingers since they were curious how it ends.

With a loud battle cry, Arlong swung his blade and jumped onto the roof where Luffy was. The captain jumped higher and higher, onto the rooftops to avoid each attack. Up and up they go, Arlong missed him every time.

Everytime the blade would get close, especially if it was inches away from his body, some had covered their eyes as they weren't prepared and some parts of his body would get cut. (Even though the strawhat captain still has his limbs right now).

"GO LUFFY! GO!" Ace cheered, watching his brother stretch and stretch as he climbed up.

'What a supportive brother.' The Whitebeard Pirates sweatdropped but smiled afterwards since they found it heartwarming.

That is when Luffy had reached the top floor, finally had him cornered. Luckily, he smashed through the window and went inside the building on time when the fishman swung his blade at him.

"Looks like your final moment is here..." With a crazed look, he proclaimed. They were both now in the room on top of Arlong Park.

The scenery changes inside a room. There were many stacks of maps, and even some scattered around the floor and hung around and books filled the shelves.

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