3k special | moments luffy almost killed his crewmates [part 2]

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Tch. Tch.

"—What do we do?! We gotta help him!" A little girl with a cone hat panicked who was on top of a giant creature.

"Oh Apis!" Luffy called out to the familiar little girl.

"I hope she's doing fine right now." Sanji smiled.

"Yeah, also the dragons there." Usopp grinned.

"ZORO!" Luffy called out to his first mate loud as he stretched his arm far to him. The Strawhats sweatdropped knowing what will happen to the swordsman as Usopp prayed for his life.

The green-haired man was ready to cut his captain at this point, seeing those memories—he could annoyingly remember the number of times he was almost killed by his stupid ability. His hand twitched to grab his sword at any second.

Unknowingly to the first-mate's behavior, Luffy continued to enjoy watching the memory.

"Zoro again!" Chopper exclaimed. The rest of the Strawhats laughed and especially we all know Sanji is very enjoying his demise, while Zoro twitches in annoyance and small embarrassment to all of the people right now. Now all eyes were on him with an amused look.

"Damn the first mate got it worse." Harjudin chuckled.

"Bingo!" When the ravenette grabbed ahold of his collar, he stretched his arm back to him with Zoro screaming.

In a flash, Zoro crashed painfully at the decks of Merry.

As usual, some flinched at the painful landing of the first mate.

"To think he had to deal with his captain's "

Once more Luffy nonchalantly apologized and the green-haired man cursed at him.

"Maybe I should do it right now..." The green-haired swordsman grabs the hilt of his sword and slowly unsheathes Wado Ichimonji whilst walking towards the ravenette who was ready to run away at that moment seeing how dangerous his glare was.

Luffy waved his hands frantically, nervously as he also slowly backed away. His brothers and the crew didn't try to defend or protect him no more, watching them both as they stifled their laughter. He stammered. "I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!"

All were snickering and entertained by the sight of the first mate scaring his own captain.

"Alright, that's enough for you two." Nami sighed, grabbing the collar of Zoro and dragged him back to his spot, still grunting how he would cut him up. At that, Luffy sighed in relief and giggled.

He will do it again. Everyone thought.

Tch. Tch.

"I-It became three hundred million. I-I'm scared." Usopp stammered, hugging the case hard on his hold. Usopp, Nami and Luffy each have one briefcase containing one hundred million each. The navigator was holding it safely, whilst Luffy was swinging around his briefcase.

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