chapter 4 | not worth the fight

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"Hey Luffy, aren't you bothered that your private memories are getting shown?" Usopp demanded. Before the ravenette could answer, they were lifted off the ground and the scenery around them started to change.

Tch. Tch.

Luffy glanced over to his friend and laughed. "Shishishi! It's fine!"

"Really?" Usopp raised his eyebrow. Luffy nodded in affirmation. "Yeah! I don't know why my memories are showing...but it will be fine, right?" He grinned widely.

"Yeah." Ace nodded. "There's no harm to it, but...if you have memories...particular memories you don't want to reminisce, well you can't stop that from showing."

"The treasure tab again? That's fraud you know." Shanks snickered.

"To think that the Strawhat and the Red-Hair emperor know each other."

"You think that's why he appeared at the war."

"I doubt that. Strawhat's appearance was sudden, even the Navy didn't expect it. Also him breaking in Impel Down."

After the young boy grabbed his utensils, Luffy turned to the red-hair pirate with a frown. "No, it's not! Once I become a pirate and find a treasure, I'll pay for it." He promised.

Makino smiled. "I'm looking forward to it." The ravenette responded to her with his iconic laugh.

"Well, Luffy does keep his promises after all." Nami sighed with a smile.

"We better help him with that." Sanji stated.

Luffy laughed. "Yeah! I did promise after all."

After the green-haired woman served Luffy his meal, he stabbed his fork into the meat. "Shanks." He suddenly called out.


Luffy struggled taking a bite to the meat but still continued. "How much longer are you gonna stay in this village?"

Shanks hummed. "Let's see...We're gonna go on a couple voyages then leave this village to head north." Luffy finally had a bite and chewed on the meat, hearing the pirate's words he frowned once more. "A couple more voyages, huh?"

Makino noticed the dampened expression of the child, she could only give him a small smile.

Garp noticed the young Luffy's expression and sighed. 'I really owe Makino and Dadan raising him.' The brothers gave each other a knowing look with the same thought. They were glad that Luffy would have enjoyed his childhood with them despite it being just filled with monsters and training, they had fun long before.

As long as Luffy could remember, he was the only child in the Windmill Village at that time. He could remember teens and adults surrounding him mostly at that time. That is until Ace and Sabo came along.

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