the memories we see

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One Piece Characters Reacting To Luffy's Memories/Adventure

One Piece Characters Reacting To Luffy's Memories/Adventure

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"I want to experience what he has..."

"Adventure! Freedom!...something, anything - I would exchange for my life for those things."


"I like you." She suddenly went in closer to Luffy's face and kisses him on his lips.

"EHHHHH!?" Everyone's jaw dropped at the sudden confession and contact. The young lady pulls away and disappears right in front of him. Luffy blinked comically dumb not knowing what had just happened.

˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀➷

The gods have messed up the rift of the world of pirates and marines, consequently letting the monsters are starting to seep in through the ripped rift. If done nothing this would lead the destruction of their world.

They had no choice but to protect the people of the world and teleported them away from their world, somewhere safe where they would stay for a while.

Waking up, the people were shock by the sudden appearances. However, set the differences aside for now as they all help try to find a way out.

But suddenly a certain boy approached a young lady who unexpectedly...




Kisses him?!

The God of Memories had favored the young lad and watch his memories for some reason and unknowingly along with the people who got involved. 



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