chapter 9 | his first bounty

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Meanwhile, with the former fourth commander who had gone back to the Abode. He excitedly opened the wide doors towards the place they are now currently living in. A paradise of the dead that awaits their soul to be reincarnated in the next few years. But for now, they had given the chance to reunite with their dead loved ones before renewing another life.

That greets the commander first was the blinding ray of light eventually fades that the entrance to the Abode was on sight. The entrance is a long crystal-made staircase. He hurriedly skips up, wanting to share what he witnessed at the Morpheus Haven.

The people they loved, who were still living down on earth, are currently right near them. Just a few meters walk. Thatch couldn't believe it still, that he had hugged his brothers not a moment ago and Ace reunited with the brothers who he had grown up with and the brothers he had adventures on sea with.

He also saw familiar people who he got to know of from their loved ones in the village. Pops and everyone would definitely want to see them. He thought giddily.

When he was up the top, he was greeted once again by the village they were living in. The weather up in heaven has always been clear and bright and at night the heavenly bodies seem to shine brighter rather from the view from earth. Thatch ran through the dirt path that leads to each house where each soul and their family resides.


The commander halts in his steps and glances over to the person who called them. They were tending to their bed of flowers and might have noticed the commander's grinning expression.


He approached the beautiful pink-haired woman with a wave. The said woman gave him a smile. Rouge noticed that his son wasn't with him. Her eyebrows furrowed. "Thatch, I thought you and Ace went together to Iily. Did he get lost again?"

Thatch chuckled. "Not this time. Ace is currently at Morpheus Haven still."

Rouge hummed. "I see. Hopefully, he will come back soon. It's almost time for lunch."

"Well, he won't be back anytime soon!"

"What do you mean by that, Thatch?" The pink-haired woman pondered.

"I wanted to share something with everyone! In Morpheus Haven—"

They were both when a loud chiming of the Grand Bell. They both looked at each other, shocked by hearing this. The Grand Bell would only chime, calling all souls residing to meet up in the Hall.

"The Grand Bell..." Thatch drawled out. The goddess who is in charge of the Abode of Souls, her title being the Goddess of Souls who is also Iliy's best friend, must have rung it because she is the only one who can access it.

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