chapter 11 | more reunions and explanations

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"DAMMIT WARN US FIRST!" They all screamed at the sudden brightness around them.

"GURARARA! You're right Atma. I can see familiar squirts around."

"AHAHAHA! Time for some fun!"

"Heh, there's many interesting people around!"

Everyone froze at the loud and gruff laughter. Especially the certain crew who seemed to be familiar with it, they all looked up and started tearing up when they saw the familiar silhouette of the giant former emperor who was laughing joyfully.

Ace grinned seeing his father. "Oooh! Po—" He also halted seeing two familiar presences. His eyes widened. "Mom and—"

"POPS!" The Whitebeard Pirates cried out loudly seeing their captain and father figure. They all run up to him like excited and crying little children to reunite with him. Another presence from behind the emperor was also once a former Whitebeard pirate who the emperor himself treated him like a little brother.

One older member glanced from behind and gasped. "W-Wait, is that who we think he is..."


"And Toki!?" She was hiding behind her husband as she waved at them.

"Yo!" He laughed heartily. The older members of the crew jumped on him next.

From the Strawhat group, he heard this and his jaw dropped wide. Never thought he would be given the chance to see the man who he admired for a long time to be now near him. His eyes sparkled seeing the sight of the mighty samurai. Jinbe beside him sweatdropped witnessing this.

"Heh, so that's Oden." Zoro grinned. Definitely Momonosuke got his appearance from his father. Not only that, he's seeing the man who was the previous wielder of the blade, the Enma.

Along with a sweet reunion of the pirates, the other's reaction was very different from the crew. They all freaked out by his presence. "W-Whitebeard?!"

"He's really here!?" Some of the older people gasped seeing the other person beside the large emperor.



Color drained from the people looking at the man who had a wide grin, amused by all of their reactions. Who wouldn't know him? The man who started the chaos of the present. The former pirate king, Gold Roger himself.

Shanks and Buggy stared at their former captain with widened eyes. Rayleigh started tearing up seeing his friend along with his former crewmates. "R-Roger..."

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