chapter 18 | end of arlong park

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"What do you take her for?!"

Arlong chuckled. "An inferior creature but a smart girl. If all other humans are sewer rats, I say she's a cheeky as hell cat. After all, she is adorable."

The audience scowled and had disgusted expressions at what he had said. Especially the navigator, Nami cringed hard at Arlong's words as she leaned closer to Robin for support. Robin patted her hand to calm her down. 'Glad past me wasn't there to listen to that.'

Robin whispered. "We could go to our beds to rest a bit?" She saw how pale Nami was so she

"No...I want to watch it till the end." Nami whispered back. She paused for a moment before continuing and slowly a smile crept on her face. "It's painful I admit's like reliving through it again. However, looking back, I'm so lucky to meet damn lucky." If it wasn't for her captain, who knows, she might be working with Arlong still or worst case scenario, dead.

"Yeah..." Robin smiled softly as her feelings were the same as hers, relating to her experience.

"—She'll have everything she needs to live. All she needs to do is keep drawing charts for me." His grin widened and his eyes were crazier if that's even possible. "She will be forever my tool..." And to mock Luffy further, he added. " my friend." He cackled.

"Everything but her freedom," Marco spat with disdain.

"He needs to shut up already!" Vista growled.

Finally, Luffy got back on his and kicked the desk through the wall as it fell down the top floor. Arlong stopped laughing and before he could register what just happened Luffy kicked a bookshelf and a stack of maps, destroying it and those things fell from the tower. "STOP THAT!" Arlong tried to slice him up and Luffy quickly jumped over the stack of maps so the fishman ended up cutting down the giant pile of maps. "The charts...!"

"He's destroying the room...?" Raizo drawled out.

"Why?" Kiku pondered. She glanced over to the orange-haired lass and her eyes widened at her reaction.

When a piece of ripped chart fell onto Nami's feet, she bit her wobbling lip as if she felt she was going to cry again. 'I always wanted to destroy those charts. I wanted to draw charts not for that bastard but for myself. For my dream.' A small smile spread on her face.

Luffy didn't stop one bit, as he continued destroying everything in that room. He could feel it in this room, Nami didn't want to be here, she didn't want to draw those charts for such ambition. Luffy wanted her to draw charts that were for herself and her dream. Arlong was out of control and pinned Luffy against the wall, held up by a hand around his throat. "Damn you! I spent eight years making her draw those! I invested eight years in those charts! In my ambition!" But even with a hand around his throat, Luffy used all his limbs and continued to smash everything.

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