3k special | moments luffy almost killed his crewmates [part 1]

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Hehe~ I got all of 'em. Ilithyia collected small fragments of the memories of Monkey D. Luffy that she favored the most and made them all into one orb - a compilation of certain memories for her to watch and watch all over again if she ever feels stressed or gloomy. This doesn't affect the mind of the ravenette since she only made copies of it. His true memories still lie around her, ready to be watched. Or she calls it cleansing.

I'll name this orb...Monkey D. Luffy almost killing his crewmates.

'Hehe~ I really like you. You're such a ray of sunshine~' Iliy thought fondly.


Tch. Tch. Crack.

"Something cracked..."

Everyone looked around at the sudden sound of cracking with wary expressions. Suddenly, pieces of glass surround them with a small reflection of something.

"What the?" Luffy approached the nearest glass piece to him whilst his crew behind him watched cautiously. Those who were near the pieces also, carefully inspected it. Some pieces were near the two uprising rookies, the Warlords, the Whitebeard Pirates, Marines, and the emperors.

"This is..." Thatch breathed out in realization. Ace nodded in acknowledgement.

"What is it?" Sabo asked curiously.

"These glass pieces, Iliy-chan compiled another set of memories." The pompadour man explained, making everyone listen to him.

"Gurarara! What memories did she compile this time?" Whitebeard chuckled, knowing that the young goddess might put it to one of her collection orbs that she enjoys doing so. The pieces started to glitch making them step back from it, alerted.

Tch. Tch.

"The Merry has quite drifted far from us." Robin stated, glancing over the ship. From the distance, is the Going Merry carelessly floating around the rocky and big waves.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden change of scenery as thunder loudly boomed on the illusion sky, making some wince and jump at the sound. "What the hell?" Everyone had the same reaction, suddenly being in a storm, and in the middle of the sea.

"Why were you guys there?" Franky pondered.

The earlier Strawhats snickered whilst Nami sighed reminiscing the events of that time. "We stole a chest that turns out to be an old lady inside." Then that leads them defeating some guy she couldn't remember his name of trying to take over the world.

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