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Military Girl by Katlover68000
Military Girlby Katlover68000
Rayne Huntley is not your typical teenage girl. She has never fit in with other girls. She never interacts with her classmates. For all she knows they think she is mute...
  • fight
  • shy
  • military
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Evelyn Scott, has always been apart of a military family with dad who used to be in the marines and now her brother who's following after their dad footsteps, but when h...
  • loss
  • thriller
  • babies
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Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 edited) by KenZ_Dizzy95
Military's Girl (editing)(1-7 KenZ_Dizzy95
I pushed away from the dinner table and stood up really fast, then bolted for the door. I couldn't just stay here and listen to him tell me he was leaving, I just couldn...
  • long-distance
  • powerless
  • love
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Strong(One Piece x Reader) by Animefreak1145
Strong(One Piece x Reader)by ₢eator x ℂonnor
The Pirates Era has ships sailing all over the world to chase and find the One Piece, as well as to become Pirate King. All thanks to the infamous pirate Gol D. Roger wh...
  • smoker
  • marines
  • mihawk
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Our Love Under Fire by _rareleo
Our Love Under Fireby _rareleo
The shot has to be perfect or else it could ruin your whole life. The shot was perfect and Avery's whole life was ruined after. Her traumatic past haunts her present, de...
  • depression
  • military
  • therapist
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I Was Made For This by _Agent141_
I Was Made For Thisby _Agent141_
Sergeant Riven Wakefield, nicknamed "Frost", is a battle scared U.S Marine veteran of the Afghanistan War returns home with his mind in purgatory. Unable to re...
  • wattys2018
  • hardship
  • warriors
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TLR Characters by _Agent141_
TLR Charactersby _Agent141_
Main Data on the characters of The Last Regiment universe
  • marines
  • brother
  • characters
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Red Legion (In Her Name, Book 10) by webman9113
Red Legion (In Her Name, Book 10)by Michael R. Hicks
Reza Gard is back! He and Eustus Camden, fresh out of Marine Corps training at Quantico, find themselves assigned to a small Red Legion Marine detachment aboard the corv...
  • fantasy
  • kreelan
  • scifi
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We Frozen Few by GhostWriter1567
We Frozen Fewby GhostWriter1567
When Max Wilson finally laid down his arms at the end of World War II after two years of intense combat, he vowed he would never fight again. After several years, howeve...
  • war
  • marines
  • theroadwetook
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Surviving Eros: The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye (2017 Book of  the Year, AZ ) by DCCarlisle
Surviving Eros: The Paradox of Philip Carlisle
Personal demons are not supposed to escape from your own head. Angelic figures are not supposed to flicker in and out of reality on your college campus. And letters from...
  • marines
  • heartbreak
  • newadult
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Where winter ends and the end begins by LunaticPipeline
Where winter ends and the end LunaticPipeline
In new Australia the sirens are fighting for better land, the army is awaiting new arrivals and solus hopes to be one of those lucky few who fight. But she isn't reflexi...
  • mermaid
  • modern
  • coastguard
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Fairy of Life and Death (One Piece Fanfiction) by cucumbercrumble
Fairy of Life and Death (One Cucmber Crumble
Devil fruits are fruits that give mysterious powers to anyone who eats them, and where do they come from devil trees. There are many devil trees but there's one special...
  • marines
  • pirates
  • devilfruits
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Just a Merc (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
Just a Merc (One Piece Fan-Fiction)by ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
She was only young when her island was raided by the likes of both marines & pirates, her family slaughtered like they were animals while her & others her age were kidna...
  • othershit
  • shichibukai
  • redhairedpirates
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One Piece x Reader by black_eyes49
One Piece x Readerby black_eyes49
Y/N eats the life for death fruit by accident thinking that it was just another fruit from the grocery list. But in reality, her father bought that legendary devil fruit...
  • franky
  • xreader
  • marines
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The Knight in Shining Armor [One Piece X OC] by Nina6085
The Knight in Shining Armor [One Nina
Red Hair Aphrodite has two fathers that she loves so dearly, she has the biggest crush on a certain Straw hat that she becomes oblivious of other people's feelings about...
  • luffy
  • piece
  • onepiece
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480 Hours by MyBabyBlueEyes
480 Hoursby MyBabyBlueEyes
Staff Sergeant Hogan had devoted his life to the United States Marine Corps. He put off finding a girl, getting married, and starting a family so that he could focus on...
  • cancer
  • soldier
  • ocean
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Hero (Camren) by 5Hhero
Hero (Camren)by Logan
Military!AU. Marine Sergeant Lauren Jauregui is now on her way back to the US for the first time in four years to accompany her best friend Dinah in surprising her long...
  • war
  • fifthharmony
  • norminah
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CWL Characters by CWLWarStories
CWL Charactersby CWLWarStories
Data of Main character CWL soldiers.
  • soldier
  • warrior
  • marine
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The Eternal Emperor by noelicoan
The Eternal Emperorby Noël
This is not my own. the title is the same but the original one is by End_Credits. An athor who sadly hasn't updated since 2017. A crossover between Naruto and One Piece...
  • nakama
  • pirate
  • crew
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Wolf and tiger (One Piece Zoro fanfiction) by MatteSe3
Wolf and tiger (One Piece Zoro Matte-chan
One day when the infamous Straw Hat crew decided to plunder a marine base on treasure they found more than just gold and riches. A secret tunnel. A hidden room. And a be...
  • anime
  • chopper
  • marines
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