chapter 12 | welcome to the chaos

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Not in their lifetime that they would have experienced this. Especially to the youngsters or the newer generation to have seen it with their own eyes. Out of all just happened, gods and goddesses exist, their world was about to send, and seeing dead people reincarnate with the others. But that was nothing they could describe the shock they felt right now, might as well just die of heart attack. Right standing in front of them, in the center of the attention, was the former emperor—known to be the strongest man alive and the legendary pirate king. Where they are both laughing right now.

The tension in the room was strong. As both their presence were intimidating and suffocating and they weren't even using their haki. Except the people from the abode of course, who had gotten used to him around and they were nicer than they see in newspapers or the rumors. In the abode he was mostly known to be a pair of both drunk and retired pirates.

When the goddess left, everyone except the Whitebeard pirates, who were the only ones conversing in the room, fell into silence. But while some were silent, some assessed the looks of the two legendary figures. Both looked younger and healthier as they were in their prime. The Whitebeard Pirates didn't care about the eyes on them and they only laughed heartily along with their father. The other pirates in the room were either shocked to move or cautious by their presence.

Thatch sweatdropped at everyone's reactions. 'Well...' He just shook his head and glanced at his family, smiling at the scene of his family.

"The emperor Whitebeard and the former pirate king, Gold Roger." Robin heaved. "To think we have seen such figures today."

"Y–Yeah. My heart feels like it's going to explode in a second just looking at them." Usopp shakily said.

"And the other one with them...that's Kozuki Oden." They all glanced at the pile of the samurai on top of the man himself and the white haired oni, admiring near them.

"Momo's father, huh?" Zoro murmured. He instinctively gripped his Enma blade, finally seeing the previous owner of it.

"Oh! Ace!" Ace's head turned to his shoulder, seeing his mother approaching their group. Luffy and Sabo tilted their heads, curious at the pink-blonde-haired woman.

"Who's that?" When she neared the group, everyone couldn't help but bewitched by her beauty. Robin noticed the freckles on her cheeks and quickly connected the dots. While Sanji and Brook as always were swooned by a woman.

"My, I finally get to see you both up close, Luffy and Sabo."

The brothers hummed confusedly, making her laugh. This was the cue for Ace to raise his hand and introduce her to his brothers. "Luffy, Sabo. This is my mother."

"EHH! Mother!?" The whole group gasped. Not knowing that everyone had heard them also gasped at the revelation.

"So, she's Portgas D. Rouge."

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