!Announcement! Hiatus + Requests

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I know I said I'd be working on the next chapter, but for some reason, I'm just having a hard time writing, especially this book. Yeah, it's just reactions I know, but I feel like some reactions are just so repetitive and I find it boring and you guys might find it boring too. I don't want that! I really want to thank you for how patient you all are and the comments I've been getting are just positive and reassurance. Although, I do feel a bit pressured since it's been months since I last posted. But for now, the book will be on hiatus + re-editing so some chapters might be missing or the book won't be accessed sometimes.

I'll be back taking Luffy moments last week of October, that's during semestral break for mine.

BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS, from what I said on my board. So, I'm taking new requests. You might have read a while back from the Request Page that I don't take any others besides moments of Luffy. Well, I'll be now accepting requests like reactions to fanart, memes, videos, etc. just any content from the fandom. Even they could react to what the fandom is like. (Especially how thirsty ya'll are.). Why now? Well, I think these chapters could be good 'fillers' while I'm working on the moments on Luffy. Luffy only, for now, I'm not ready to write other characters' moments.

The request page has finally been updated. Comment on what type of fandom content they should be reacting to. (I know some ya'll gonna comment for them to react to the live action so, they will be reacting to the actors and actresses and the set. NOT EPISODES THOUGH. Not right now.) 

And lastly, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALMOST 300K READS! THAT'S A LOT! LIKE REALLY! I never expected my book would be read a lot by you, really it makes me happy. :DDDD


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