chapter 3 | reunions and explanations

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Cries could be heard all over as it resonated loud in the huge room.

Hugging tightly to his brother, Luffy's face was messed up all over with fluids, a combination of his tears and snot. Luffy chants his dead brother's name like a mantra, overjoyed seeing him again. His condition is the same with Sabo, who was sobbing all over too. The blonde had his suffocating grip around them both, afraid to let go as if he did it would slip right through again and lose it all.

For Ace, it feels like a dream. Seeing his brothers – the same brothers who he grew up with, the same brothers who trained with him for a long time, the same brothers who he shared a cup of sake with and declared their brotherhood —they're here.

In his arms, not some sort of screen. His crybaby Luffy and his brother who he thought died a long time ago, he longed to see. Ace sobbed with them two, the ASL finally reunited at last.

With the Whitebeard Pirates, they all suffocate the former fourth division commander. Thatch couldn't help but cry happily with them. He missed his brothers. He missed his time on Moby Dick, with Pops and everyone. He missed being a proud Whitebeard Pirate. But damn Teach had to ruin everything for them. All for what? A damn fruit.

"G-Guys, I c-can't breathe!" Thatch stammered, his breath running out.

Hearing his complaint, they slowly all let go of him. Remembering another brother that they longed to see, they turned all to Ace. They couldn't hold it in again as they sobbed once more, rushing over them. Seeing the incoming crowd, Ace tried pushing off his brothers but to no avail, the commanders had also joined in the pile suffocating Ace below.






It was chaotic overall.

Luffy underneath the pile couldn't breathe any longer and used a move. "OI! GET OFF! Gum-Gum...BALLOON!"

His body grew big and round, knocking off every person on top of him. Ace fainted a bit from all the overwhelming weight. Sabo, already standing up, reached out his hand to him. Ace grinned and accepted it, supporting him to stand up.

The freckled man slapped the back of his brother. "I'm glad you're alive and well." Glad to have another brother to look out for Luffy.

Sabo nodded with a small smile. "Yeah..."

Luffy recovered and quickly went to Ace once more and suffocated him with a hug. "WAH! ACE! YOU'RE HERE!" He sobbed. Ace moved his head from the side, having room to breathe. He couldn't help but let out a soft laughter.

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