chapter 2 | shanks and luffy

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A little boy stands on the dragon-shaped head of the ship and, on the decks, there is a familiar crew on it.

Everyone gaped at the sight of the scene. Zoro finally succeeded in pushing off Luffy out of his rubber suffocating grasps. Luffy floated off from his body, watching the scenario in front of him.

"WHAT THE HE—Luffy?" He saw his captain tense, looking at something. The swordsman's gaze follows at where not only Luffy was looking at but also everyone. He caught sight of a familiar young boy that held a knife in his hand.

"Is this...Windmill Village?" Garp muttered. The Red Hair Pirates were more surprised when they saw familiar faces. Their own faces.

"THAT'S US!" Yasopp exclaimed.

"Is that you Luffy?!" Franky pointed at the little boy on the head of the ship. But before they could continue on, the little boy spoke out loud.

With his knife raised up high, little Luffy gritted his teeth towards the Red Hair Pirates. "I'm really serious! I'm so pissed! I'm gonna prove it to you!"

A younger looking Shanks laughed at him, with his arm up high cheering unknowingly. "DAHAHAHA! Yeah, do it! I don't know what are your gonna do though."

"That's me...wait I remember this...oh no..." Shanks scratched the back of his head. The rest of the members could only nod, anticipating what was next. Some glanced towards them suspiciously hearing the emperor's words.

"IT'S ME! Wait...I remember this..." Luffy drawled out as he floated towards his younger self.

"Luffy looks so cute." Robin giggled. Some nodded in agreement.

Young Luffy brought the knife closer to his face, glaring at it.

"Luffy...what are you doing...?" Usopp drawled out. The straw hat boy could only grin sheepishly at his friend. Some of the smarter ones already guessed what he was about to do while some had a bad feeling.

"Wait, don't tell me..." Sabo groaned. 'So, that's how he got his scar?'

But before anyone could comprehend, Luffy stabs the knife right just below his eye. Getting his prominent feature on his face as he has today. The scar below his right eye. Luffy yelled out in pain. "OUCH!"



Several people yelled, some worrying while some was pure insult. Garp sighed in exasperation, watching the actions of his grandson. Sabo could only facepalm at the actions of his brother.

"E-EH!? That's how Luffy-san got his scar!" Coby exclaimed.

"AHHHH! HE'S HURT!" Chopper screamed in worry.

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