[filler] chapter 19 | wholesome (mostly strawhats) fanart react!

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Everyone jumped at the sudden loud noise coming from the door. This disturbance caused everyone to halt their usual routines. It had been a while since they had been in this room, either reacting to Luffy's memories or simply waiting for any updates about their world. It felt as if they had all taken a long vacation, except it wasn't by their choice.

"What the heck!?"

"Did somebody lock the door?" Haruta pondered.

"The door doesn't have any locks, you know..." Thatch sweatdropped.


"Okay, I think it's lock Thatch..." Ace pointed to the giant red door.

"I told you—fine, I'll see who's at the door." Thatch clicked his tongue in annoyance since it interrupted him from his conversation with his brothers. Before the pompadour man could open it, the door slammed open, smacking hard into Thatch's face. Everyone winced at the impact he took. 'That's gotta hurt!'

"Ah! Thatch!" His brothers screamed in panic. But before they could approach their fallen sibling, someone zoomed past them with such speed, knocking them all out like bowling pins.

"MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! IT COULDN'T BE—" An androgynous person appeared right in front of the center, glancing around with their eyes and jaws wide open. "THEIR UNIVERSE IS REAL!?"


"AHHHH! HE'S REAL!" Before Luffy could sit up, the person appeared in a flash right in front of him, causing him to stumble in shock. "W-What!?" The straw hat captain got a good look at the sudden guest. The androgynous figure stood out effortlessly, captivating onlookers with an air of mystery. Like emeralds, bright green eyes shone from beneath the carefully tousled fringe of fiery red hair, styled in an undercut, adding an edgy touch to their overall appearance.

"EEKK! Monkey D. Luffy in the flesh!" They squealed so excitedly.

"You know him... her, Luffy?" Their features were a blend of masculinity and femininity, making it challenging to determine the appropriate way to address the person.


"Nope, he doesn't. But he does now! I'm quite a big fan, you see! I'm Solaraeth—Sol for short!—and I'm the god and protector of the different universes!" Sol grabbed the rubber man's hand and shook it eagerly.

"Woah!" Luffy gasped.

A brief hush enveloped the room, followed by an eruption of collective screams as shock spread through everyone present.

"A-Another god!?"

"Protector of different universes...?!"

"I maintain their balance, ensuring that the current incident unfolding right now... well, it was not supposed to happen, but here we are... hehe." They playfully stuck their tongue out. "Well, it's not my fault they haven't sealed those monsters properly. I did everything I could for now." They slumped down but swiftly recovered, clapping their hands to return to the present situation. "ANYWAY! I heard that Ily and other gods and goddesses are hosting guests in their realms. I never would have thought this universe would actually be real."

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