chapter 6 | the boy in the barrel

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Tch. Tch.

The room became brighter as it showed the whole sea again but this time two ships lie in the middle. Screams could be heard on those ships as the pirates attacked the citizens.

The marines could only glare at the sight as the pirates continued to attack the innocent. Coby noticed something familiar at the scene. He glances over to the flag and his eyes widen at its jolly roger.

"Th-This is..." The pinkenette stammered as he remembered his horrible time with those certain pirates.

The scenery changes once again to somewhere inside a part of the ship, which is the kitchen. At the corner of the room was a mess of barrels tumbled down together with a big barrel in its middle and the contents of the pot spilled out.

"That's a waste of food..." Sanji clicked his tongue in annoyance, not liking the sight of wasted food. The room seems to be bigger from their perspective, especially for the giant in the room to see everything.

"Now what is this memory?" Chopper pondered.

Footsteps could be heard from outside the hallway as it approached the only door of the room towards the kitchen. A familiar mop of pink hair appears a little as he peeks inside the room.

"Look, someone's over there at the door." Zoro raised his eyebrow with a curious look.

"Hello..." The pinkenette mumbled, checking inside to see if someone's there. Seeing that no one was there, he entered cautiously.

"AH! IT'S ME!" Coby exclaimed. This gained the attention of everyone, glancing over to the pink-haired marine. "Hey it's you Coby!" Luffy pointed out.

"Coby?" Ace pondered.

"Yeah! My friend!"

"EHHHH!? That's Coby?" Nami said in surprise. Everyone couldn't believe the sight of the little boy. They looked towards him and back to the memory of Coby.

And another look. And another, trying to confirm if it's actually real or not. The little boy in the memory couldn't possibly be this now handsome young marine right in front of them who was now smiling awkwardly at all of them.

"Impossible!" One of the marines sputtered out.

"Now that's a massive glow-up..."

"Damn...when is it my turn?"


"GAHAHAHA! I forgot how little you look before, Coby." Garp laughed and smacked his back hard. Coby could only laugh timidly, still embarrassed by the whole situation. However, he paled all of a sudden that he remembers that this is the time when he was still working with the Alvida Pirates.

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