chapter 7 | coby and luffy

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"Yeah...that's right...if only I had the courage to drift the ocean in a barrel, there's actually something I want to do too..." Coby shared tearfully. Luffy hummed curiously as he glanced at the boy over his shoulder.

"Any reasonable person won't drift themselves in a barrel in the middle of the ocean." Nami sweatdropped. Everyone nodded in agreement to her statement.

"I mean Luffy did it." Chopper said.

"He literally has luck on his side always." Sabo laughed.

The pinkenette looked up to the strawhat boy. "Umm...What compelled you to set out onto the sea, Luffy-san?"

Luffy grinned wide. "I'm gonna be the King of the Pirates!"

His friends and brothers grinned wide at his catchphrase whilst Luffy laughed out loud with a confident look. Rayleigh and the Red-Hair pirates smirked proudly at this. How far the strawhat boy had become to a boy floating in a barrel to one of the fearsome emperors of the sea who defeated Kaido single handedly.

Dragon couldn't help but also have a small smile on his face to which Ivankov noticed.

His followers smiled at this, with pride swelling over that they had decided to form an alliance with a great man. Even Cavendish couldn't care less right now that he wasn't getting the spotlight. A certain green-haired fanboy in the room was fanning over how he was witnessing his idol's first journey. 'L-Luffy-senpai, you're so cool!!'

'Kya~ Luffy, I'll be cheering you on.' Boa swooned over with hearts all over. Her sisters are chuckling over the empress lovey-doveyness.

"He's really that confident, eh?" Kid smirked and Law grinned amusingly to the ravenette's confidence.

The marines however had grim and displeased expressions on their faces. The straw hat boy had become more and more troublesome to the entire world. Except to some certain marines like Coby and Garp who smiled wide at this. Sengoku sighed and prayed for the Navy's future.

Coby's jaw dropped and his eyes widened in disbelief. "K-K-King of the Pirates?!"


"Are you serious?"


"Wait, you're a pirate Luffy-san?!"


"What about your crew?!"

"Don't got one yet. I'm just gonna look for one." The straw hat boy grinned. Coby froze at that moment that confused the ravenette. He approaches him closer and waves his hand in front of the pinkenette's face.

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