chapter 15 | arlong's game

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"Arlong-san. Please stay there quietly." Kurobi, one of the top officers of the fishmen crew, requested his captain.

"If you go on a mad rampage, you'll tear Arlong Park into pieces. Chu." Chew stated, another top officer of the crew.

"We'll take care of these guys!" Hachi yelled.

The three fishman were the strongest crewmembers that the Arlong Pirates had.

"Yeah. Do as you wish." Arlong grinned sadistically.

"The top officers, huh?" Koby fiddled his fingers.

"How strong are they really?"

"Before Strawhat, Arlong has the highest bounty in East Blue two years ago."

"Those guys..." Koala muttered. She couldn't believe that they would do something like this and followed Arlong's ideals. Even Hachi, he was one of the kindest fishmen she met when they were all still the Sun Pirates. The three officers were very loyal to Fisher Tiger, she thought that they would follow his example but apparently their hatred towards humans had consumed them as well. Well, she couldn't blame them since humans were the ones who killed their precious captain.

However, their actions will never be justified. They had every right to be angry but never kill the innocent.

"Aw man, we won't see Luffy and that shark fight yet?" Ace tapped his foot impatiently, wanting to see his little brother's fight.

"Patience." Marco sighed.

Sanji and Zoro had confident expressions and were much ready to fight the fishmen whilst Usopp was behind a far back, hiding behind a stone pillar. Not noticing much that Luffy was having a problem. "Hey, hey. There's something I..."

"Oh man, not this..." Usopp sighed, shaking his head.

"What? What?" Nami pondered as to what Usopp was talking about.

But the observant ones had already found out the source of the problem or even noticed what was wrong.

Hachi puffed up his chest as it got bigger, readying his first attack. This was noticed by the duo.

"That octopus is up to something." Zoro pointed out.

"Octopus is best with a little salt and sliced up. Add some olive oil and paprika and it's a perfect snack while drinking." Sanji explained.

Some had imagined the food in their minds making them drool.

"You're making us hungry." Franky laughed.

"I kinda want to cook it now." Thatch said.

Luffy waved his hand to them both to gain their attention once again. "Hey, I'm kind of in trouble. Hear me out." But before he could say more, the octopus attacked them. "Take this! Zero Vision! Hachi Ink Jet!" With that, from his mouth, he squirted a lot of black ink towards them. Zoro and Sanji dodged it.

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