chapter 13 | "help me..."

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Requested Moment By: @JJkitten23 |  (Arlong Park Entrance) | @CreamSteak | 


Tch. Tch. 

The scenery changes to a new village, different from Windmill Village. The aura around doesn't feel right and some of the people in the abode can feel it.

"This is..." Nami's eyes widened at the familiar place. Her hometown. Looking around, nostalgia hits her as she misses the sight of her hometown. The East Blue Strawhats stilled at the sight of their navigator's home. Even the fanboy of the Strawhats' recognized the place clearly since he got the tangerines from his ship from the exact place itself.

"Cocoyashi Village!" Usopp finished.

"Nami's home, right?" Chopper awed. Everyone was listening in to them, hearing new information about the crew.

The other Strawhats glanced around, taking sights of the lovely village. However, something was wrong. Seeing their navigator was anxious, they started to worry. "Yeah..." The lass nodded. She suddenly tensed up what memory it might be as she continued to watch.

"Ah there's Luffy." Ace pointed. Eyes turned towards the hiding figure behind a building.

Luffy was hiding behind the house as he watched the people of Cocoyashi Village, readying themselves to fight against the Arlong Pirates.

Seeing the villagers who were ready to fight, she reminisced about the time when she felt helpless. These people were about to march to their deaths. And not only that, she would see it again, the time she had hurt herself. Her past self, filled with rage and hatred for what the fishman pirate had broken his promise and losing hope that she couldn't even save her own village.

"This was when..." Nami was shaking—flashbacks of her past seem to pass her mind. The archeologist held the lass in her arms for comfort.

"This was when, what?" Yamato pondered. He was more worried seeing the navigator like that. Luffy even got up from the fridge and had a serious expression.

"Oi, is this, okay?" Sanji drawled out.

"Sorry, we can't do anything about it." Thatch apologized. "Atma will scold Iliy later for this she said."

"She better pay up if she's gonna play this memory." Nami scoffed. However, seeing this memory might not have hurt so much anymore as it used to. She clutched her tattooed shoulder that was once bare Arlong mark. 'Because he was there. Luffy.'

Some gulped seeing how the Strawhat pirates were anxious about this memory.

Tired of the tyranny that ruled over them eight years ago, Arlong's betrayal of the "promise" that he made with Nami was the final straw to them.

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