chapter 5 | to return the strawhat

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While the people from Earth were watching the ravenette's memories, in the Holy Realm where Gods have come to meet up once again after knowing the situation of the monsters seeping through another mortal realm.

In the meeting room, where the gods are seated on their respective seats. The same gods who manifested many miracles and life down below and continued to watch over the people for eternity.

"The god of war and his entire army have been assembled and are currently fighting the Phantoms right at this moment as we speak." The goddess of life informed. The god in the middle nodded. "How is he holding up the situation right now, dear Evette?"

The goddess grinned. "Dear Hebrew...from my eyes, I see blood spilled from the Phantoms and a few from our side. Marcus himself and the army are having a great time once again."

"Of course, he is..." The god who asked was the god of creation himself, sweated. "Rather, he is such a violent man after all." From another side, a god scoffed. "Whatever...these Phantoms are getting on my nerves. It has just been a few centuries since we sealed them."

"You're right about that, god of hell." The goddess speaks up beside him. "The god of realms is doing a terrible job watching closely to these creatures..." As she said, giving the certain god with narrowed eyes.

The god sighed defeatedly at the accusation. "Look, last time I managed to control the situation but these monsters are just too persistent for me, not enough for me to hold them off." He pointed back towards the goddess. "Do you want to make another mortal realm disappear or not?"

"You're saying that you have become weak, somebody really needs to replace you already..." The god of hell scoffed. An irk mark appeared on the god of realms' forehead and stood up abruptly.



Sparks of fight flashed between the two and only the other gods could sigh at their bickering. The god of creation snapped. "Stop it you two! Your irrelevant fight is not necessary right now!" Both gods settled back to their seats, obeying their emperor god.

He sighed. "Jehovah is right. There's nothing really to stop these creatures to continue their hunger devouring worlds. Not only that, it would continue to breed and multiply. Our priority right now is the safety of the mortals down below." He turned to look at Jehovah.

"Have you evacuated the mortals, son?" Jehovah nodded affirm to his father. "Yes. They must be in different abodes of gods right now."

The gods and goddesses nodded in confirmation.

"I have explained the situation to them."

"We are trying to make them comfortable in my abode."

"For now, the people have calmed down and with their loved ones." The gods and goddesses informed one another.

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