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Obama's last name

It's been six months since i dated Luis Pierce.

I saw a stranger i knew very well today. He passed me in the hall as he smiled and joked with his friends. His hair was tousled, his skin was sun kissed, light freckles covered his face and arms. He was beautiful.

As i stared, his eyes caught mine. Heat corsed through my body as he looked at me. His eyes were longing, briefly glistening as the sun hit them. My heart skipped a thousand beats.


My gaze was pulled away, and i looked back at Aadhya and Evan.

"Sorry." i smiled, glancing over at where the stranger once was.

But he was gone.


Luis' POV

I threw my head back, laughing at what Carter had just said. Josiah added something on, but i couldn't hear it.

Something had caught my eye.

I looked at the girl across the hall from me. Her light curls hung low down to her elbows. She cut them. Her skin was glowing, her cute little dimples showing as she joked with her friends. She was perfect.

As i stared, her eyes caught mine. Her beautiful lips we parted as she looked back at me. My stomach flipped, my cheeks beginning to burn. Her eyes were full of such pain, that it made my heart ache.

She looked back at her friends.


My attention was turned back to Jo and Carter.

"My bad." i laughed as we continued to walk. I was with them, but my mind was with her.

I will forever be hers, even if she isn't mine.

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