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Pinky swear, but with all your fingers.


I'm just about to get into my car, then i remember my car isn't here. I rode with Luis this morning.

I face in the direction of the all too familiar voice that just called my name. I turn around and cross my arms.

"Get in." he motions in the direction of his passenger side.

There's no point even arguing. I'd much rather go with him than take the school bus.

I look down, letting my loose curls fall over my face as i walk around and get in the car.

"Where are we going?" i sigh as he pulls out of the car park onto the main road.

I was looking forward to getting in my bed, but i'm sure he has other plans.

"Where do you like to eat?" he glances at me.

"I don't really mind." i shrug, looking out the window.

"Come on Dev don't be like that."

I turn to look at him.

"Be like what?"

"Where do you wanna eat Devy." he repeats.

"I don't mind Luis." i repeat.

"Devyn." he groans, running a hand through his hair.

"Luis." i whine back.

It's not until i catch Luis smirk at me do i realise how that must've sounded.

"Burger king." i mumble, feeling my cheeks heat up as i look back out the window.

"See, wasn't that hard was it?" i see him glance at me again in my peripheral but choose to ignore it as we pull into the mall car park.

I jump down out of the car, which is way too high up by the way, and close it behind me just before he locks it.

Luis holds out his hand to me and i frown.

"You know this counts as rule number ten right?" i raise a brow.

"How do you know our whole grade isn't at this very food court right now?" he says with way too much attitude for my liking.

But, he's right.

I take his hand and intertwine them. My palm heats up and the warmth spreads through my fingers.

"If you wanted to hold my hand you could've just said that." i say in a matter of fact tone, looking up at him.

"Shut up." he rolls his eyes and i smile.

After a moment of walking in silence, i remember something i thought during the car journey.

"What are we doing here Luis?" i ask as we walk up the stairs to the food court.

"We're going on a date."

I look at him.

"You're taking me on my first date to Burger king?" i scoff.

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