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Is this a cutscene?

After the longest four days of my life, i was planning on, i don't know, relaxing and maybe even catching up on some shows i've been watching.

Yet, here i am, working at this stupid cinema. Rarely anyone ever comes here anyway, i don't know why it's still open in all honesty, but i'm not one to complain. I earn $10 an hour for doing absolutely fuck all. I'm pretty sure i serve myself food more often than actual customers.

I pull out my phone for the fifth time tonight checking the group chat. Maddy and Aadhya wanna go out tonight. I usually attend to be their personal chaperone. My friends and alcohol never mix, yet the seem to always be drinking it. Just as i shoot back a quick reply, the bell jingles as the door opens. For fuck sake. I shove my phone in my back pocket, quickly tying up my apron.

"Hi, what can i get for you?" i force a smile as i look up.

My smile falls. You have got to be kidding me.

"Hey Devy." Luis grins down at me.

"You know her?" the girl latched on to his arms curls up her face in disgust, eyeing me. I recognise her as a junior girl at our school. Completely different from the girl he was with earlier on in the week.

"What can i get for you?" i sigh again. It's like i can't escape this boy. Maybe i don't get paid enough.

"Whatever the lady wants." he looks down at his lady friend.

"I'll get a small popcorn. Sweet." she gives me a fake smile that doesn't even reach her cheeks let alone her eyes.

I bite my tongue. You're at work Dev. Stay professional.

"And for you sir?" i sniff, looking away from her.

"Sir?" Luis raises an eyebrow, visibly trying to hold back a smile.

I blink at him.

"Large ice cone please." he realises it's not the time nor place for this.

"That'll be $6.84." i say after i've tapped the two items into the screen.

Luis pulls out his card and i give him the nod that the machines ready. He taps it, the beep noise the only thing breaking the silence between us all.

"Go ahead and get our seats Ava." he hands the girl her popcorn and the drink, ushering her off.

I groan internally.

She looks between the two of us bitterly before turning and sauntering off.

Luis leans on the counter, resting his chin in his hand.

"I didn't know you worked here Devs." he smiles at me cheekily. "I would've came here more often."

"I would hope not." i mumble.

"Somebody's cranky." his smile widens.

"Somebody needs to shut up."

Luis throws his head back and lets out a hearty laugh.

"Isn't your date waiting?" i cross my arms.

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