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Luis' POV

I wake up, squinting at the light. Who the fuck opened the curtains?

Rolling over, i feel the bed beside me, but it's empty. I open one eye to see, but the bed is still empty.

As i roll on to my back, propping my hands behind my head, the bathroom door opens.

I grin.

"Morning beautiful." i air kiss her.

"Hey prick." Devyn rolls her eyes at me, smiling.

"How you feeling?" i sit up, stretching my arms.

"Sore." she admits.

"Did i hurt you?" i frown.

"No." she laughs. "I'm fine."

I let out a sigh of relief.

"Hey jerkoff." she says and i look up at her. "Join me?"

I raise my eyebrows in shock as she disappears back behind the door. Did she just invite me to shower with her? I get up, walking sluggishly over to the bathroom and opening the door.

The steam from the bathroom pours out. I pull my shorts down and pull the shower door open, stepping inside.

Devyn turns around and smiles up at me, moving aside for me to stand beneath the water.

I take her by the waist and move her infront of me so we can both stand beneath the water. She closes her eyes, letting the water run over her face.

God, she's so beautiful.

She pushes her hair out of her face and steps behind me.

"Turn around." she mumbles, and i do as she says.

I hear her open the body wash and she squirts it on my back, the cold sensation making me shiver.

She rubs it in and i close my eyes as her hands explore my body. She lathers it over my back, the length of my shoulders and my arms.

"Turn again." she says and i comply once again.

She begins to rub my chest, but she stops, looking down between us. Then she looks back up at me.

"Are you serious?" she shakes her head, laughing.

"Sorry." i shrug. "Luis Jr can't help when he gets excited."

We finish showering and lay in our towels for a while before changing into our swimsuits.

My parents insisted we go to the beach before our flight later, since it's right behind our hotel.

Devy looks unbelievable. I've been trying not to stare, but it's proving real hard. Pun intended.

We're currently on said beach, Devyn lying on her cute little beach towel, tanning her back. Or sleeping. She hasn't actually moved in a while.

My eyes are drawn away for her as i notice my sister, creeping up with a pink bucket. Water sloshes over the side.

Oh no.

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