twenty two

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And then i didn't

Luis' POV

I watch Devyn as she cleans the blood off my hands. Her brows are furrowed as she leans down, touching me ever so gently.

"Does it hurt?" she looks up at my eyes that are already on her.

"What?" i frown.

"The rubbing alcohol? Is it stinging?" she motions down with her head.

"Oh. No." i didn't even realise she'd used it.

Dev sighs as she reaches back and takes the hair tie out of her hair, letting her curls fall out of the ponytail and over her face.

She looks back down, finishing my right hand. Then she leans down, planting a kiss on each of my hands as she holds them.

"I'm so mad at you." she sighs, completely contrasting her actions.


"I told you not to do anything to them." she sighs.

"That's because you have a massive heart." i stroke her cheek. "They deserved it."

"You're infuriating." she rolls her eyes, but i can tell she's trying not to smile.

Dev stands up, reaching for her jacket.

"Hey." i take her hand and she looks at me. "Stay for a while."

She huffs, but smiles, flopping back down onto the bed and laying down.

I move over and wrap my arms around her, pulling her close into my chest. She snuggles her face into me and my heart trembles. She's adorable.

"Lu." she whispers.

"Yes love?"

"Don't do that again, okay? You could've got hurt." she grips on to the back of my shirt.

I laugh, kissing the top of her head. "I doubt that would happen."

"Still." she looks up at me.

Leaning down, i kiss her gently on the lips.

"I'll be fine." i smile.

She looks between my eyes, her lips parted, before moving her face back up to me.

Heat rises from my stomach to my chest and my heart skips a beat as Devyn connects her lips with mine. Her beautiful smell fills my nostrils to the point of near brain death. She's so close. The taste of her... it silences my thoughts and makes me want more.

I cup her face as she opens her mouth against mine and i push my tongue through her lips. She makes a throaty sound as i pull on her bottom lip and i can't help but smile.

"Come here." i mumble as i roll on to my back and she climbs on to my lap obediently.

She cups my face in her hands as she kisses me again and i feel myself growing hard from the warmth of her on my lap. I wrap my arms around her waist and push up onto her, making her breathless.

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