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It's Tuesday evening and Luis has an away game, which as his devoted girlfriend i shall be attending. It's at some sports school downtown so it's not too far away. His parents can't come and neither can Lay, which means i'm gonna be all alone.

He's been trying to reassure me that i won't die from sitting in the bleachers on my own for a couple hours, but i beg to differ.

To make matters worse, Luis is going there with his team straight after training, so i have drive there on my own too. This whole independence thing really isn't for me.

 This whole independence thing really isn't for me

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I brush my hair back into a loose middle part ponytail and grab my car keys from my dresser.

As i walk down the stairs, i see Niko, Nellie and Kobe on the couch with a bowl of popcorn each. I'm kind of upset that i'm gonna miss family movie marathon night.

"Bye guys!" i call to them as i pull the front door open.

"Bye Dev." Nellie and Nik say simultaneously. I forgot how creepy it is when they accidentally do that.

"Later." Kobe mumbles through her mouthful of popcorn.

I close the door behind me and get in my car, typing the address in and pulling out of the driveway.

After a twenty minute concert, i finally pull up to the school. The car park is so crowded it takes me a good five minutes to find a space. Wow, people really love sport.

I wish i wore my hair down now, because my eye range is way too wide as i walk from the car park to the main enterance. There are some parents, but majority of the people here are students that attend this school.

I get a couple weird looks, some people pointing at me two their friends, and i'm pretty sure someone called me over, but i pretend i don't hear and keep walking.

This kind looking lady in reception asks for my name and i give it to her. Luis put me down as family so i get special privileges, aka i get to sit in the first row of the bleachers which is reserved for family.

She takes me out to the field where the other team is warming up. Our team isn't out yet, i'm guessing they're still in the changing room.

I take a seat next to a middle aged woman, whom i'm assuming is a parent.

She gives me a little smile.

"Who are you here for?" she leans in a little.

"Luis Pierce, number six." i smile back.

"Ah, yes. Luis Pierce has always been a talented player. My boy is Jase, number 53." she does a little excited clap.

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