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Daydreaming while awake, so just dreaming.

So, it's day one of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

For some reason, i'm actually pretty nervous. I know it's fake and everything, but it's still nerve racking. I've never had a boyfriend. No, Chris does not count at all.

I woke up about two hours ago. I spent one of those hours thinking about the fact that i'm actually doing that. And i spent the other hour getting ready.

 And i spent the other hour getting ready

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[Outfit inspo]

I quite like my outfit, i'm not gonna lie. I thought maybe Luis and i should start colour coordinating our outfits, but that seemed like a step too far for a fake relationship.

"Devyn!" my mom calls up the stairs.

"Yeah mom?" i call back, shoving my things into my book bag.

"There's a boy here for you!"

Oh wow, he wastes absolutely no time does he! I kinda wanted to tell my mom before she found out, but i guess this works too.

I sling my tote bag over my shoulder and quickly walk down the stairs.

Luis is leaning against the door frame, smiling contently as my mom talks to him.

"Hey Mom." i kiss her on the cheek briefly before pulling my shoes on.

"Hey dear, i was just about to tell Luis here about that time you got your head stuck in the-"

"Oh- kay! Mom, i really don't think there's enough time for that." i laugh nervously.

"Make sure to come over for dinner this weekend Luis!" she calls to him as i push him backwards out the door, closing it behind me.

"Bye Mom, love you!" i say quickly before clicking the door shut.

"Your Mom is amazing." Luis laughs as he walks around to the driver seat.

"Yeah, she is." i sigh, just as i pull his car door shut.

"Do you want aux?" Luis glances at me and i can't hold back my excitement.

A small smile creeps onto his own lips as he takes my phone and connects it to the bluetooth.

We barely talk the whole car journey, me singing along to my music and him pretending he's not enjoying it, all the while slyly nodding his head and tapping his finger to the beat.

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