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This literally cannot get any worse.

It's day two of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

I got home at 11 pm last night after dinner, which was amazing. We had Soba which i later found out was one of Luis' favourites.

We mainly spoke about career choices and college. His mom was really pleased that i wanted to be a paediatric nurse since that's what she was before she had kids.

Layton is studying to be a lawyer in university and she'll probably work for Pierce&Co, which is their father's firm. It's extremely famous, which explains why they're, like, dumb rich.

Anyway, Luis dropped me home late last night, and now it's 6 am the next morning. Safe to say i'm tired.

I have a shower, washing my hair before putting on the outfit i picked out earlier.

I have a shower, washing my hair before putting on the outfit i picked out earlier

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I leave my hair down since it's still damp and i need to diffuse it before i leave. I take so much pride in my curls.

"Devyn!" Niko calls up the stairs.

"Yeah?" i yell back, putting my art folder in my book bag.

"Luis is here!"

Already? He said he'd be here at 7!

"Just a minute!" i call.

Looks like i'm going to school with wet hair. I quickly part it in the middle and pull it into a low ponytail.

I sling my backpack over my shoulders as i walk down the stairs moderately fast. I don't trust my brother to be normal around him.

"Hey Devy." Luis hums, smiling up at me from the sofa.

"Hello Luis." i turn to my brother and narrow my eyes. "Morning Nik."

"Morning Dev." he grins back at me and i can already tell he's done something he knows i'll hate.

Luis stands up and walks towards the door. I turn to my brother and scowl.

"I'm gonna kill you." i mouth as i walk backwards.

"Have a good day at school baby sis!" he smiles at me brightly.

"Bye Nikolas." i groan, turning and closing the door behind me.

"Your brother's cool." Luis smiles at me as i get in the car after him. I look over and give him a fake smile.

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