twenty four

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It's me. I am the April fool.

It's friday, the day of that stupid party that Luis said we'd go to. I barely even like parties, let alone parties hosted by prissy barbie bitches. Aadhya and Josiah agreed to come with us though, so i'm not complaining too much.

School was boring since Lu had another away game, but he told me i couldn't come after what happened last time. It wasn't even my fault, but i accepted it.

Now it's 7pm, and i've just finished getting ready.

Now it's 7pm, and i've just finished getting ready

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{Outfit inspo}

Aadhya should be coming over soon, and then Luis and Jo are gonna come and pick us up from my house.

I straightened my hair last night for fun, but i really wish i had my curls right now. I'm debating putting my head in the shower when the doorbell rings. Well, too late.

Pulling the door open, i step back as Aadhya steps in and almost gasp.

She's wearing black leather pants with the prettiest of silk black corsets, heavy dark eyeliner on her eyes and her hair silky, flowing down her back.

I stare at her opened mouthed as she literally mirrors my facial expression. Then we both squeal.

"You look so good!" i punch her arm lightly a couple times.

"Me? Babe you look amazing!" she jumps up and down excitedly.

"Omg we look totes cute!" someone says in a mock high pitched voice.

"I know right! Adorbs!" another says.

Aads and i turn around to see Luis and Josiah in the open doorway taking the absolute piss out of us.

"You're a prick." i laugh as i shove Luis in the chest.

He smirks, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back into him.

"You're beautiful." he leans down and kisses my neck.

"Stop it you nerd." i giggle as he plants little kisses on the side of my face.

"Get a room." Aads says like she's clearing her throat.

Jo laughs, nuding her with his elbow.

"Real funny." i make a face at the both of them.

"Let's go punks." Lu rolls his eyes, stepping back out the front door.

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