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published: july 9 2021

hey! it's me again!

i wanted to say thank you so much for all the support on my first two stories, it means a lot to me and has kept me very motivated.

so here we are, story number three! well, it's a stand alone of course but still :P

everything in this story is my own work, my own ideas from my head, anything similar is a coincidence, and please don't copy my work!

anyways, enough of that, hope you guys enjoy!

- k


[This is a message from future Devyn. The rest of the story is in present tense.]

Hi. This is future Devyn.

Right. Have you ever seen those commercials where people screw up the simplest of tasks in the most idiotic fashion ever? Yeah, that's basically what happened here. Let me be completely clear, this was not my fault. There are three things you need to know before you read this.

The three rules i came up with my freshman year of high school:

1. Don't get into any conflict.
2. Don't fall in love.
3. Stay as far away from Luis Pierce as humanly possible.

Now, you may be thinking, Devyn, you made those promises when you were fourteen years old; you couldn't have possibly expected to not break a single rule in your four years at high school.

No, i didn't expect to.

And four years later, me now being the ripe age of seventeen, i can truthfully tell you that i, Devyn Young, have broken all three rules on the list.

It was a trap. I was scammed. I didn't ask for any of this. I was undoubtedly thrown in to the middle of the ocean with no life jacket. Not that that would've saved me.

Now, after getting that out of the way, this story starts at the beginning of senior year.


What the hell? I'm in hell.

I'm currently sat in the library, shamefully avoiding my ex boyfriend. Hear me out. I was at a summer party, off my face. Now, i don't like parties, nor do i drink. You could only imagine how that went. The next morning i woke up to a text, which read:

I'm so glad u finally said yes, I promise u won't regret it! See u later, girlfriend xD - Chris

Yeah, you could imagine my surprise too. Anyway that happened and i was still in said 'relationship' four weeks later. Call me trash, but i was actually good friends with Chris and i didn't have the heart to break his. Not to mention it would've be super awkward, us being in the same friend group and all. Anyway, after a painful month i ended things when he finally tried to kiss me. Too far. That was about two weeks ago. I've been hiding from him ever since.

It's the first day of Senior year. I would've been more excited if i hadn't spent the past twelve years of my life in education.

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