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Ice skating but the ice is just fire.

It's day five of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

It's day five of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend

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Speaking of which, i kissed him yesterday. It was on impulse. I'm not gonna say i didn't want to do it, or that i didn't enjoy it. Because i did both. And i want to do it again.

I know, i know. I broke my own rules. I'm embarrassed.

Luis is attractive okay. And he's a good kisser. Give me a break.

But in a couple of months this will all be over and i can go back to peacefully living my life and spending my time studying.

It's fifth period on friday. Spanish. Again.

"Devyn?" someone from beside me taps my shoulder.

"Yeah?" i turn to the boy beside me.

"Do you have a pen i can borrow?" he holds up the empty one in his hand.

"Uh, James." our teacher, Ms Garcia appears out of no where. "En español por favor." (in spanish please.)

James rolls his eyes and i smile. Poor guy.

"Uh...tienes un...bolígrafo?" he scratches his head. (do you have a pen?)

"Sí." i laugh, reaching in my bag and pulling out a spare pen and handing it to him.

As i zip my bag back up, i notice my phone light up. I take it out. It's a text.

Stairs. Now. -L

The urgency in that text makes my heart drop. What the fuck happened?

"Ms Garcia." i raise my hand, still looking at my phone.

"Sí, Devyn?" she walks over to me.

"Puedo ir al baño por favor?" i look up at her. (can i go to the toilet please?)

"Sí, buen trabajo Devyn!" she smiles at me before walking off. (yes, good job devyn!)

She's new. She clearly still hasn't realised i'm fluent in spanish.

I get up from my seat and leave the class, walking moderately fast to the stairs. I hate when people do this with no explanation, it gives me anxiety.

A moment later, i reach the stairs, walking down to where Luis was waiting last time.

Sure enough, he's there again, this time stood and leaning against the handrail.

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