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It got worse.

It's day three of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

He wasn't in school today, he texted me this morning saying he had some type of cold. I spent every moment that wasn't in class, in the library.

After school Kobe and i went to the mall since this is the first time i've driven myself to school since the start of the week.

"You should bring him soup or something." Kobe says as we walk past walmart.

"Should i?"

"Yeah, that's a girlfriend-y type thing to do."

"Okay." i throw her my car keys. "I'll be back."

I go back into walmart. I'm not sure what soup he likes, so i settle for tomato since you can't go wrong with tomato.

I pay and leave, feeling pretty awkward carrying nothing but a tin of soup to my car.

"Do you want me to take you home first?" i look over at Kobe as i get in the car beside her. "I won't be long."

"I'll just come with, it's fine." she hums, taking a bite out of her rice cake. Where the fuck does she keep getting these from?

We carpool as i drive to Luis' house. I'm pretty surprised i even remember the route.

"Holy shit!" Kobe spits a load of crumbs everywhere as i pull onto his street. "No way does he live here!"

I get out the car, pressing the little speaker thing on the outside of the gate.

"Hello?" Mrs Pierce sounds through the speaker moments later.

"Hello Mrs Kaiyo? It's Devyn."

"Oh! Hello Devyn, i'll buzz you in right now!"

"Thank you!" i call back before getting back into the car.

"Fucking hell i didn't know you were dating Elon Musk." she gapes as the gate slowly opens.

I laugh, pulling into the driveway.

"Okay, i'll be right back." i grab the tin of soup from her lap and open my door, stepping out and closing it behind me.

I knock the massive front door but i don't even think it reached the other side. Just as i go to ring the doorbell, the door swings open and i jump aggressively.

"Oh! Hey Layton." i let out a breath.

"Hey Devyn." she smiles as i step forward to her and pulls me into a hug.

"My mom was yelling at me to open the door. I was wondering why she was so excited." she laughs.

"I love your mom, she's so awesome." i grin. "Is Luis home?"

"Yeah, he's cooped up in his room, just go on up."

"Thank you Lay." i smile at her, kicking my shoes off. She grins back before heading into the kitchen.

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