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Interesting concept, but poor execution.

Luis' POV

"Bro shut up, that never happened." i roll my eyes as Josiah, Devyn, Aadhya and i walk toward the food court.

"You're telling me you two were locked in that tiny closet for over twenty minutes and didn't make out?" Josiah scoffs.

"Luis you make out with anything that has a pulse." Aadhya laughs from the other side of him.

I look at Devyn. Her brows are slightly furrowed and the inside of her cheek hollow. She always chews the inside of her cheek when she's thinking.

I brush my little finger against her wrist and she looks up at me, her face softening.

"You okay?" i ask quietly.

She smiles a little and nods her head. Nevertheless, i take her hand in mine, slipping my fingers between hers.

Sometimes i feel like i'm overdoing this whole fake boyfriend thing. If i'm honest, i enjoy being around her. With Devyn it's different. She's just calm and composed. I don't want her to think i'm a dick like everyone else does. It's weird to be honest. I don't usually care about what girls think about my personality.


I look down at her again.

"We're deciding where to eat. Suggestions."

Oh shit, i must've zoned out.

"I don't mind. Wherever you want." i stroke her hand with my thumb.

"Ugh, get a room you two!" Aads covers her eyes. "I can't deal with all the love in the air."

"Yeah guys, some if us are single here!" Josiah chimes in.

"I'm too sober for this." Devyn mumbles from beside me.

"You don't even drink." i frown.

"Maybe i should start." she says, making me grin.

We reach the food court and decide on this place that does chinese type food. Our friends think i picked it because it's Devyn's favourite, but i just like noodles. I should probably let them think that though.

Josiah is at the counter ordering, Aadhya in the bathroom and Devyn and i are sat at the booth table we chose.

"You alright?" i ask her.

"Yeah why?" she looks up from her phone.

"You look mad."

"That's just my face."


"Maybe we should, you know, make out to make this thing more realistic." i run a hand through my hair, a boyish grin on my lips.

"Maybe i should drop kick you." she deadpans.

I unintentionally throw my head back and laugh loudly, causing a couple people to glance over.

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