twenty three

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My dog ate my homework but that dog definitely isn't a dog.

Opening my eyes slowly, i squint as the curtains are drawn before me. The sun warms my skin and i roll over on to my stomach, pressing my face into the pillow.

The bed dips down beside me.

"Devyn." a voice says gently as they stroke my back.


"Time to wake up beautiful."

"Why?" i mumble.

"We have school my love."

I turn my face to the side and look at the source of the comforting voice beside me.

The voice happens to Luis.

He brushes my hair and i smile as he strokes my cheek.

Then i frown, sitting up.

Why is Luis in my room?

My eyes adjust to the light and i realise i'm not in my room, but Lu's. Wait. No, no, no.

"Luis why didn't you wake me up?" i whine as i flip the duvet off myself and stand up.

I'm in my underwear right now but i don't even have time to feel self-concious.

"You need your beauty sleep babe." he smiles as he watches me, his hands behind his head.

"What's that supposed to mean?" i glare at him, picking up my clothes off the floor.

He rolls his eyes and i can't help but laugh.

"Ugh Luis Elijah Pierce why would you do this to me?" i push my hands into my hair. "I can't rewear this outfit to school!"

"Just wear one of my hoodies." he shrugs as he stands up.

I look at him properly for the first time. He's wearing nothing but these tight black boxer shorts. Ugh, how can someone look this good all the time?

I must have been eyeing him for too long, because he waves a hand in front of my face, a cheeky smile on his lips. I bring my eyes back to him, a small smile edging on to my mouth.

"Don't give me that look." he steps forward, pulling me in by waist.

"What look?" i pout, placing my hands on his chest to maintain distance.

"Stop teasing me Devy." Luis groans, pouting a little.

"I'm not." i shrug, turning around.

Well, now that he's put that idea into my head...

I bend over, picking my clothes up off the floor again. I have absolutely no reason to, apart from my own entertainment.

"Dev." Luis whines as i stand back up, folding my sweatshirt in mock oblivion.

"Hm?" i turn around to see him frowning at me.

"Now i'm hard again." he says in the cutest little whiny voice. He sounds like a stroppy kid.

"It's not my fault you can't control your little wand Lu." i give him a tight lipped smile, patting his shoulder.

"You weren't calling it little when i was balls de-" he starts, smiling smugly.

"Oh-kay! Enough of that." i laugh. "Just learn some self control."

I lean down so i'm eye to eye with his crotch.

"And you, junior." i add, patting his bulge gently.

As i stand up, looking back at Luis the first, he blinks at me, before pulling the front of his boxers down.

"Ah! Put that thing away!" i slap my hands over my eyes.

"Look Dev. I'm rock solid. It's 6am."

"I'm not looking, put him away!" i laugh.

"Ugh, i'm not gonna be able to deal with a stiffy 24/7 when we live together." he mumbles, walking away into his en suite.

I slowly take my hand away from my face, my heart racing.

He wants to live with me?

"Are you getting in this shower or what?" he calls out to me from the bathroom.


It's first period.

I'm in school, my hair damp with zero product in, wearing my bottoms from yesterday and one of Luis' emerald green hoodies.

After we showered, Luis drove me all the way to my favourite coffee shop for my morning fix. I called my mom on the way to school to tell her i crashed at Lu's, to which she yelled at me for not telling her and then proceeded to ask if we used protection. I hung up.

And now, it's first period.

I'm sat next to James in spanish class wishing i was anywhere other than right here.

The only thing keeping me going is that it's senior year, and after this i'll never be a highschooler again.

Thank fuck.


I look up and Ms Garcia is stood over my desk, looking over me expectantly.

"Tienes la tarea?" she smiles at me. (do you have the homework?)


"Mierda." i mumble and she raises her eyebrows. (shit.)

"Lo siento señorita, anoche no dormí en casa." i wince. (i'm sorry miss, i didn't sleep at home last night.)

Ms Garcia tuts, shaking her head as she writes my name down on her little pink sticky note.

"Asistirás a la detención después de la escuela el lunes." she says, pursing her lips before moving on. (you will attend after school detention on monday.)

"Ugh." i sigh, leaning down and resting my head in my arms.

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