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Thanks! I hate it.

It's Sunday.

Kobe has gone to her friends house to study for some test. Nellie is downstairs talking to Mom. And i'm laying on the bed of the spare room, contemplating my whole existence.

"Ugh." i groan, taking the pillow from beneath my head and smothering myself.

Nellie says i like him. I definitely don't.

I just like being around him. I like the way he smells. I like how his mouth twitches when he's trying not to smile. When i see something funny, he's the first person i want to show. I wanna drink strawberry milk with him in the school stairwell. I miss him even when he's only just left.

Oh my god.

Me? Liking someone?

I haven't liked anyone since the 5th grade! What the fuck am i meant to do with this?

I groan again, hitting myself in the face with the pillow a couple more times.

"Will you shut up? Some people are trying to sleep."

I remove the pillow from my face and look over to the doorway.

"Nik." i sit up.

This is the first time i've seen him leave his room since yesterday. He smiles at me softly and walks over to the bed, flopping down beside me.

I clear my throat. "It's 1pm, asshole." I flop back on to the bed.

"What's got you so stressed?" he glances at me.

"How do you know if you like someone?" i whine.

Niko fully turns to me now.

"Aren't you dating Pierce?" he frowns.

"Yes. I'm talking about him."

"But you're dating?"

I let out a frustrated sigh. I forgot.

"We're fake dating until the end of the school year. But now i'm not sure if we're real dating." i explain.

"Oh. Perfectly logical." Nik says sarcastically and i hit him.

"How am i supposed to help? I don't even understand girls myself." he mumbles.

"You're useless." i shake my head.

"You know it, little sis." he reaches over and scratches my chin like i'm a puppy.

"Get off me jerk!" i laugh, swatting his hand away.

The door knocks and i look over.

Nellie is stood in the doorway, her curls damp and falling down her back. She's wearing the tshirt and sweats that i left in the bathroom for her.

She looks over at our brother.

"Hi Nik." she says quietly.

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