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They definitely didn't cover this in middle school.

It's day ten of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

It's day ten of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend

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I changed clothes when i got home from school. Luis didn't come in again because he was tired after his flight, even though i can guarantee he slept the whole journey.

Aads and i spent our break, lunch and free period in the music room. She sings and i play the piano, which is a great combo in my opinion.

I wasn't really sure how to dress for the flight because i'm not sure what the weather is like in Michigan, but i'm wearing a vest; a hoodie on standby if it's cold.

It's around half eight now, and our flight is at eleven. Luis' parents and Layton flew out last night to help set up and everything, so it's just us.

He said he'd be here at nine, but i don't particularly trust his time management. Even so, i pack up the last of my things.

"I'm gonna miss you Dev." Kobe says, a mouthful of rice cake.

"I'm not." Niko chimes in, on his phone.

I look over at the two of them sprawled on my bed and sigh.

"Don't take anything out of my room without permission while i'm gone." i zip up my suitcase. "I'm talking to you Bee."

She mock gasps, and then chokes on the rice crumbs in her mouth. Niko rolls his eyes, patting her back aggressively.

"I would never." Kobe finally finishes, her voice hoarse from coughing.

"Whos socks are you wearing right now?" i glare at her.

She wriggles her toes, looking down at my black fluffy socks on her feet. Kobe sniffs, shrugging her shoulders.

"Dev, why are you bringing two large bags for two nights?" my brother looks up from his phone.

"This is why you run out of boxers when we go on holiday." i roll my eyes. "Always be prepared."

"You packed your whole room."


My phone buzzes and i pull it out my pocket.

i'm outside my love :) -L

I make sure i have everything and pull my duffle on to my shoulder. Niko carries my suitcase downstairs and takes it outside for me.

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