twenty five

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Lucifer was pushed.

It's monday again.

I spent my weekend with my siblings since Nellie has to go back to college soon to do some college work or something. She agreed to come and visit every weekend from now on.

My phone has been off because we have a no phone rule during family activity time, but to be honest i don't even miss it. I should probably turn it back on before i get to school.

 I should probably turn it back on before i get to school

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I decided to drive myself to school today. I don't know what's wrong with Luis, but he's annoying me.

That leads to now. I'm in first period math, playing with my thumb ring.

"Okay class." our teacher claps. "We have a new transfer student who recently moved from Canada."

The class begin to mumble amongst themselves, turning and looking for the student.

"Evan Zhao everybody." the teacher smiles, gesturing to the back of the class.


I follow the eyes of the rest of the class to the dark haired boy sat at the back, his royal blue cap covering his eyes.

He glances up from the pen twirling in his fingers, giving a brief smile to no one in particular before looking back down.

I stare at him, gaping.

That's the same pretty boy Evan that i met at the party. What the heck is he doing here?

Slowly, i turn back around to my desk, undoubtedly confused. Transfer? From Canada? Well that definitely explains why i'd never seen him before.

The lesson goes suprisingly quick and its time for English Language. As i'm walking out of the class, i catch a glimpse of a blue fitted.

"Hey." i say as i fall in step beside Evan, drawing his attention away from his phone.

His eyebrows raise ever so slightly, a smile edging onto his lips.

"Pretty girl from the party." his smile widens, revealing a little tooth gem on his upper canine.

"The one and only." i smile back.

"Nice school." he looks around.

"It's not too bad i guess." i shrug. "What lesson do you have?"

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