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Spoiler alert: This is chaos.

It's day four of being Luis Pierce's girlfriend.

I'm in fourth period, running on two hours of sleep. At least my fit is comfy. That's all that matters.

 That's all that matters

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I'm so tired it's unbelievable. I didn't even get time to get my morning coffee today. I'm extremely upset about that.

It's lunch next, but i'm not really in the mood to socialise with either mine nor Luis' friend group, so i'm planning on hiding out in the library.

The bell goes to my relief; Spanish is the most boring subject when you learnt it almost eighteen years ago.

I make my way to the library and take my usual corner seat, pulling out a book.

I'm reading pride and prejudice as of a week ago and i'm almost done. I haven't had much time to read, you know, being a newly wed and all.

"I thought i'd find you here."

My eyes are drawn from the page as i look up to see Aadhya.

"You alright Dev?" she smiles brightly.

"Hey." i close my book and place it down on the table in front of me.

"It's been way too long." she sighs as she sits down.

"Yeah, sorry. I did miss you Aads. It's just M-"

"Maddy." she buts in. "I know."

I frown at her in question and lean forward.

"We all know me and her don't often see eye to eye, but she's really been pissing me off the past couple days. It's like as soon as you told us about you and Luis, it's all she's been able to talk about."

"Yeah, well, Maddy has always wanted things she can't have." i laugh lightly.

"Not just that. She was just saying spiteful shit and... ugh, i don't even wanna talk about it." she runs a hand through her hair.

I always tell Aads how beautiful her hair is. It's jet black, sitting way past her waist.

"I've never been able to spend too much time around her, but she's starting to really push me." she takes a short breath in before putting her hands in her face.

She's always been an angry crier. She's much like me in that department. Well, i'm sensitive in general to be honest.

"Aads." i pout, standing up and walking around to her.

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